Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you help with all kinds of niches?

Mostly, yes. We help businesses that sell services or premium products. Things that people don’t buy in the marketplace. Generally, if people look for your products or services on Google, then we could make your ads run optimally.

2. Could You Guarantee Sales in Short Time?

No. But several of our clients could get sales in the first month. If you have experience in selling online before, that would make the chance higher.


3. Why Implement a Profit-Sharing System?

We provide Web Development and Google Ads Management Service at an affordable price to find the right partner for our agency. We hope that we could grow together in a long-term project. 

We realize that our services are needed for businesses in the digital era. However, a lot of businesses couldn’t afford the digital marketing services because agencies set a high price.

For that reason, we implemented a win-win solution. You pay us a small upfront fee for our service and share the profit if we bring you sales or customers. 

If you don’t get sales or customers from using our service, you don’t need to pay us! There’s no big fixed cost for marketing. Sounds interesting?

4. How Much is the Profit-Sharing?

We could discuss it. But for sure, it will not be as much as you imagine.



5. Could You Estimate My Profit?

Talk to us. We’ll make you a detailed report

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