Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is My Business Compatible With Ahad Digital Services?

Before cooperating with us, we would analyze the compatibility of our google ads management to your business niche. Generally, if people look for your business niche on Google, then your business is compatible with our service.

2. Could You Guarantee Sales as Early as Possible?

We couldn’t guarantee sales. The first 3 month is trial times to get leads for your business. Although, our experience proves that we could help you get new leads. As we said before, we would analyze the compatibility of our service to your business niche. We would straightly say if we are not compatible.

3. Why Implement the Profit Sharing System?

We provide Website Development and Google Ads Management Service at an affordable price yet lots of bonuses for a mission. That is to get clients for long-term projects.


We realize that our services are needed for business in Indonesia. But, they couldn’t reach digital marketing services because they should pay a pricey payment at the beginning. (Some digital marketing service demand invest million rupiahs in the beginning)


For that reason, we invent this win-win solution. You don’t need to pay a pricey payment at the beginning and you also pay a small amount for our services. For next, you just need to share your profit. For us, our mission is completed by getting long-term projects with your business.


This means we could grow together.

If you don’t get profit from cooperating with our service, you don’t need to pay us! There’s no fixed cost for marketing. Sounds interesting?

4. How Much is the Profit-Sharing?

We could discuss it. It depends on your profit

5. How Is The Estimated Profit?

For a 2 million advertising budget, we could generate 100 leads to your business.

Then, it’s in your hand to turn them as your customers.

For instance, your average profit for each transaction is 500.000 rupiahs, so you just need to get 10 paying customers (from 100 leads) to get revenue. 10 customers X 500.000 = 5 Million Rupiahs

You already get your revenue!

If you could get 15 customers, then the next 5 customers is your profit.

You have get your revenue in just 2 months

Sounds desired?

It’s not an overclaim, it’s an average estimation. We ensure that we would generate 100 leads to your business.

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