These Lifetime Free Instagram Marketing Tools Would Save Your Marketing Life

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Social media marketing has emerged and proven to be a great way to make connections with customers or brand audiences.

One of social media marketing that you could use to optimize your marketing strategy is through Instagram marketing.

The user of instagram is over 1 billion and it makes Instagram a great platform for marketing.

To market your brand on instagram, you need to make a great visual content, get broad while targeted by the audience, and measure your content.

You must need tools to help you make those stuff easier, but there are always free tools for the new comer like you.

Thus, I’ve put together a curated list of lifetime free tools that you could use for your instagram marketing to meet your marketing objectives. 

I just put two recommendation tools instead of putting all the tools that exist out there so you wouldn’t confuse which tools you should use.

Without further ado, let’s check out.


The first step to start marketing your brand through instagram is creating great content. 

The problem is some of us have no design skill to create content and just want the instant one and with no need to spend any money.

Thus, I recommend these two apps for you to create engaging content without any suffering.


Canva is a graphic design app as easy as drag-and-drop

You could operate Canva by yourself since you don’t need any designer skills to use this app.

Here, you could create engaging content to attract your audience using canva in just minutes, even when you have no material for your instagram marketing content.

There are millions of images, fonts, animations, and all stuff that you need for your instagram marketing content that you could use.


  • Drag & drop editor
  • Ton of images, illustrations, icons, shapes, elements and fonts
  • Layouts for every occasion (Instagram post and story)
  • Million Custom templates
  • Animated Design
  • Adding Video
  • Multiple document types
  • Photo editing
  • Photo filters
  • Business logos

As mentioned before, there are a lot of templates that you could use for your instagram marketing content. 

Here is some example of instagram post created by Canva 

And you don’t have to worry, because Canva also provides templates for Instagram Story. Here is the example.

Pricing: lifetime FREE for limited materials.

For unlimited material, start from $9.95.

PABLO by Buffer

You could also create engaging content in a very short-time using Pablo by Buffer.

Pablo is a platform for creating simple graphic design, mainly just pictures and text.

They provide some layouts for social media, including for instagram.

Pablo provides some features for you:

  • 600k++ images
  • Text Editing
  • Filters
  • Resize Image
  • Upload Image
  • Templates

This Platform is suitable for you who want to create simple and clear content for you instagram marketing content.

Here is the example of instagram feed created by Pablo

(pict by Pablo)

Pricing: lifetime FREE 


After having great instagram content, the next step is choosing the right hashtag so your content would reach a broad audience.

Unfortunately, choosing right hashtags might be perplexing since there are so many hashtags on instagram and actually just certain hashtags that could make your content shown broadly.

Here is some free hashtag generator that you could use right-now.

Influencer Marketing Hub

This platform is a smart instagram hashtag generator because you just need to upload a photo and Influencer Marketing Hub would list down hashtags that might be relevant for your photo.

Their interface is also simple and no need to sign in to use these tools.

Here is what you will see on the page when you upload a photo from pixabay.

After uploading a photo, they would list down some family hashtags.

Then, when we chose one of it, there would be some specific hashtag along with the popularity of the hashtag.

After choosing hashtags you need, you could copy those hashtags by clicking “copy suggested hashtag”.

If you don’t meet your desired hashtag, you could type it yourself and  they would suggest related hashtags, but without the popularity information.

This platform is very suitable for you who are not sure which instagram hashtag you should use. 

Pricing: lifetime FREE

Instavast Hashtag Generator

Intavast provides some ways to generate instagram hashtags. You could use a photo, instagram post URL, or just keyword.

They also provide tools for knowing the banned hashtag so you know which hashtag you shouldn’t use.

Pricing: lifetime FREE


The next step is planning your content so you could well manage your marketing content.

To create advanced instagram marketing content strategy, you need to set up your feed to catch audience attention.

You also need to monitor your Instagram content performance using analytics to understand your audience behaviour towards your contents.

The good news is, you don’t need much tools to do the planning to the analysis because I would recommend you using one of these tools to help you manage your instagram marketing content.


Technically, Later could be used for any social media, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. but their feature is created optimally for Instagram.

Thus, this platform is suitable for your instagram marketing content management.

As a platform for managing instagram content, Later has a great interface that accentuates visual managing and user-friendly. 

Here is the interface of the platform that is easy to navigate.

The users of Later don’t need to worry about operating their platform, because they also provide tutorials.

They provide features from scheduling posts to analytics in which you could see your content performance.

Further, these are their free feature:

  • For Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest 
  • Drag-and-drop visual instagram planner
  • Unlimited Media
  • Link in bio
  • Stock Photo Library
  • Instagram Analytics
  • Auto Publish Post
  • 30 Media Upload per Month

For the paid subscription, you would get more features like instagram story planner,  hashtag suggestion, best time to upload content, and much more.

Although, frankly, the free features are more than enough for the new comer in instagram marketing.

Pricing : lifetime FREE for limited features

Starting from $7.5 to $33 per month


In line with Planoly’s mission that is to Simplify Social Marketing, Planoly also has a simple interface that is user-friendly. 

Their interface is also clear and easy to navigate.

Here is their instagram plan page interface.

Planoly also not just designed for instagram. It could also be used for Pinterest, but it works best on Instagram.

Here, you could set your feed so it would look more arranged and catch audience attention.

For free, you could use these feature on Planoly for your instagram marketing strategy:

  • 30 Upload per Month
  • Comment Inbox
  • Instagram Analytics
  • Linkit (Planoly link-building featured to any URL)

The feature on a free account is enough, but if you need more features, you could take the paid subscription with the more advanced feature, like advanced analytics, best time to post, and other features.

Pricing : FREE Lifetime for limited features

Starting from $7 per month for more features

Those are free tools that you could use for your instagram marketing right away.

Although, just marketing your brand through instagram is not enough. 

You need to understand all kinds of digital marketing strategy to optimize your marketing strategy.

You could read all you need for your digital marketing on

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